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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

New Zealand

For those of you who are unaware (and there should not be many), my family and I have moved to Wellington, New Zealand (to put our money where our mouth is) and we felt a great deal of relief when leaving the states (like we were the last people off the Titanic watching as everyone else votes for the iceberg).

Guy Fawkes day was yesterday and it was fun to watch all the homemade fireworks displays. We heard that children used to take old shirts and stuffing (to represent the body of Mr. Fawkes) and tour the neighborhood asking for "a penny for Guy" (or something similar). I find it strange that with such a tradition there is such an antagonism to Halloween. I cannot explain this contradiction.

Big lament about being away from the states:
1) No dog - he had to stay in the states with family.
2) Nothing good to eat - this place does not have good food. Supermarkets offer very little and restaurants cater to a bland taste.
3) Related to above - no Doritos. This is the first country I have been to that has not offered a bit of Frit-o-lay!

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